What we're doing about COVID-19?

as of 9/25/20

At Hate2clean.com Maid Service LLC the health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. According to City of Houston City Ordinance, Maid Service is considered an essential service since we disinfect and sanitize and help combat COVID-19, which means we can continue to operate. With the threat and unknown impact of Coronavirus, we have implemented extra protocols for our employees and offices to follow during this time.

Your Home:

The following procedures are in place for the safety of staff & clients in your home.

Zero Contact Cleaning: 

We offer zero contact cleanings to our clients or new clients,

which means a text will let you know maids are on their way to clean. You can either leave a key under the front door mat, potted plant or decoration, or keyless code. The cleaning team will get to work cleaning your home, and receive a text when they are done cleaning your place. 

Social Distancing: 

All employees will be 6 ft away from customers and each other. 

Hand washing:

All employees will be required to use hand sanitizer at the beginning

and the end of each visit.


All employees will wear a fresh pair of gloves while cleaning your home.

Face Masks & Shields:

All employees will wear face masks while cleaning & in public places. We ask all clients to wear masks for your safety and our employee's safety. 


We always disinfect your home when cleaning, however, the following areas are being emphasized during this time: Heavy touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, cabinet pull, stairwell railing, refrigerator handle, oven/stove knobs and handles towel racks, faucet handles, small appliances, sink brushes and tools, sink sprayer, keyboards, mouses, and phone screens.

Our vacuum bags are HEPA Filter bags or 4 stage HEPA filters so it's an added protection. All employees will disinfect our vacuums and all cleaning products between homes.

Our Vehicles:

Our staff is also is cleaning & disinfecting our vehicles after the end of the work day.

Our Staff:

Staff members exhibiting any illness have been asked to self-quarantine at home for 14 days and take the time to heal. We require all illness-based absences to be under the care of a physician. Staff members exposed to any illness of concern will be asked to work with a physician and stay home until a sufficient 14 days self- quarantine has been fully completed.

Our Office:

Our staff and company are practicing best practices with social distancing.

Most of our staff are now working remotely and do not come to our office except for restocking supplies. When the staff comes to the office, we have staging policies in place so that we cut down our time and number of staff gatherings.


Please let us know that you have been infected with Covid-19. Please contact our office through email, text, or phone if anyone is not feeling well in your home. We do have the right to refuse service if our team isn't feeling comfortable in your home period. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy.




                   Hate2clean.com Maid Service LLC reserves the right to change our policies.



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